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History Page

In 1958, the Kilgen Organ Company of St. Louis, Missouri, a major builder of thousands of pipe organs, closed its doors.  Several of its branch offices throughout the United States continued on their own as pipe organ service companies and retained the Kilgen name.  One such company was the Kilgen Organ Service Company in Cincinnati.

Mr. Schaedle, who had served as organist at a few Cincinnati churches and studied Physics at the University of Cincinnati, first became acquainted with the Kilgen Organ Service Company during a repair visit to the pipe organ in St. Francis Seraph Church in Cincinnati, where he was organist.  Mr. Schaedle, after seeing what really makes pipe organs function, desired to acquire employment in an area that would involve his interests in both classical physics and organ music.  He applied for work with the Kilgen Organ Service Company and was hired in 1973. 

In the early 1980s, the owner of the Kilgen Organ Service Company, Mr. George Welling, experienced declining health.  In 1985, Mr. Schaedle bought the company and renamed it Schaedle Pipe Organ Services.  Throughout the company’s entire history, it has cared for all brands and all types of pipe organs.

Since 1985, Schaedle Pipe Organ Services has built new organs, and performed rebuilds of many older pipe organs and countless operations such as releathering, repairs, cleaning, and upgrades. The company is continuously on call for response to urgent problems.

Mr. Schaedle is currently the principal organist of historic St. Lawrence Church in Cincinnati.