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St. William Church

Cincinnati, Ohio

Renovation of 1930's Austin organ including new chimes

St. William Church Interior

St. William Console and Chimes

St. William Console


Montgomery Community Baptist Church and Theater
Cincinnati, Ohio

New pipes, chest and casework interfaced with digital organ

Montgomery Community Organ


St. Paul Lutheran Church
Olean, Indiana

Rebuild of Kilgen organ with addition of two new ranks


St. Paul Lutheran Church Organ


St. Lawrence Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

Complete rebuild in 1996 including new reed ranks and MIDI system
Hook & Hastings, 1899
Kilgen, 1950


St. Lawrence Church Organ


St. Lawrence Church Organ Console


St. Lawrence Church Interior

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Macedonia Christian Church
Lexington, Kentucky

Complete rebuild of 1928 Moller organ


Macedonia Facade


Macedonia Console


Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

Refurbishing and repair of historic Koehnken & Grimm mechanical action organ

This organ was subsequently relocated to Holy Family Church in Cincinnati.


Perpetual Help Facade


Perpetual Help Console


Sisters of St. Francis Convent Chapel
Oldenberg, Indiana

Complete renovation of former Koehnken & Grimm/Wicks organ


Oldenberg Organ Loft Facade


Oldenberg Console


Holy Spirit Church
Newport, Kentucky

Rebuild in 2003 of older Austin organ including eighteen new ranks of pipes,
MIDI System and Allen Expander Sound Module


Holy Spirit Church Organ Facade


Holy Spirit Church Organ Console

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St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
Reading, Ohio

New organ using portions of former Kilgen instrument for Swell Division

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Organ Facade


Cathedral Basilica of The Assumption
Covington, Kentucky

Repairs, improvements and tuning on Main and Schwab Organs


Basicilica Main Organ

Main Organ, Aultz-Kersting/Wicks


Basicilica Main and South Transept

Main Organ and South Transcept


Basicilica Schwab Organ

Historic Schwab mechanical action organ in West Gallery

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St. John United Church of Christ
Newport, Kentucky

Mr. Michael Sullivan, Organist

Complete rebuild of Moller organ with pipe additions and new
façades, interfaced with Allen digital instrument.


St. John UCC


St. John UCC Organ Console


St. Dominic Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. Jim Dickman, Organist

Rebuild of 1922 three-manual Skinner organ

This organ was formerly in Mt. Alverno Boys School in Cincinnati.


St. Dominic Organ Loft


St. Domimic Pipes


St. Benedict Church
Covington, Kentucky

Rebuild of older Kilgen organ with additions


St. Benedict Organ Facade


St. Benedict Organ Console

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St. Francis Xavier Church
Falmouth, Kentucky

This organ was built in Cincinnati by Mathias Schwab in approximately 1860 and was
originally installed in St. Joseph Convent in Covington, Kentucky. It was later moved by
barge to its present location.


St. Francis Xavier Organ


St. Francis Xavier Colsole


Our Lady of Visitation Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

New organ in 1984 employing four ranks from previous Kilgen instrument.


Our Lady of Visitation Altar


Our Lady of Visitation Console


St. Paul Episcopal Church
Newport, Kentucky

This is the church with the familiar stone steeple, right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.
Rebuild of 1930’s Moller organ.


St. Paul Episcopal Church Altar View


St. Paul Episcopal Church Organ Console


Fleming Road United Church of Christ
Cincinnati, Ohio

The former St. Matthew United Church of Christ and St. John United Church of Christ in Cincinnati
merged and a beautiful new structure was built on Fleming Road. 
The Wicks organ from St. John’s was completely renovated and expanded by Schaedle
and installed in the new building.


Fleming Road Church of Christ Altar


Fleming Road Church of Christ Organ Console


Mayo Memorial United Methodist Church
Paintsville, Kentucky

Restoration of Pilcher mechanical action organ in 2011.
New Blower