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The pipe organ is the real thing.  If you are considering a new organ, consider a new or recycled pipe organ or a digital instrument with a pipe portion.The tone quality of digital instruments has improved dramatically in recent years and the accessories found on new digital organs are now abundant and excellent.  Real wind-blown pipes, however, provide a sound with certain characteristics that can not be fully duplicated by other means, and they yield a superior organ tone in general.  And modern features such as the Transposer and Multi-Memory Pistons can be added to any pipe organ.

Please view this informative article:

The Sound of Pipes-Why is it Better Link

If you already have a pipe organ, don’t abandon it.  Most older pipe organs, regardless of age or condition, have great potential for becoming a fine instrument by means of mechanical and tonal improvement.  If you discard your pipe organ, you lose that potential and you lose a significant piece of your church’s history forever.
Many pipe organs, including those of very noteworthy builders of the past, have unfortunately been completely lost.

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